White noise riser

any1 know how to make a 16bar white noise riser in sylenth by using the similar technique

to the riser and sweeps tutorial. for some reason i cant make the white noise rise when

you put the pitch ab right down and the decay up, but with any other waveform it will


to get white noise to rise you use the filter not pitch…white noise is basiclly all freqs at once so pitching it up isnt going to have any effect as its still going to be all the freqs.

use cutoff and resonance to create rising sounds.

you can assign the cutoff to an envelope and play with the attack to get the desired length

so, i make a 16bar midi clip with a long note…

assign white noise to cutoff and play around with attack n decay til im happy

or just make a long note and automate the cutoff?

either will work. setting within the synth and saving the patch saves a bit of time in the long run.

thanks phil!!!

I actually sample pure white noise from Operator/Analog over 16 bars then I create copies and add differnt automation and effects on to them - it adds richness if thats what your looking for