Who is this?

marginally better…

[quote]ICN (01/05/2011)[hr]I see :D[/quote]

Its actually (seriously ) put me of dairylea … and i love dairylea triangles :smiley:

LOL - or Babybel!

Imagine that rolling all around the countryside :slight_smile:

[quote]ICN (01/05/2011)[hr]LOL - or Babybel!

Imagine thatrolling all around the countryside :)[/quote]

just plain wrong hahahahahaha:sick:

[quote]egg2 (01/05/2011)[hr][quote]ICN (01/05/2011)[hr]I see :D[/quote]

Its actually (seriously ) put me of dairylea … and i love dairylea triangles :D[/quote]

Me too - I steal them out of my sons lunch box

Damn I am really going to Hell :wink:

She just looks massivly different because she has changed her hair colour.

I’d still tap it though.

Changing your hair colour doesnt fk your face.

Its a disaster.

[quote]ICN (02/05/2011)[hr]Changing your hair colour doesnt fk your face.

Its a disaster.[/quote]

Oh I remember I bleached my hair once - and looked rather like your avatar :smiley:

Dying your pubes is just silly Mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Her face looks mostly like that because it’s not a press shot like the other photos of her.

Media do that a lot, when they want to find a crap photo they take a photo of someone when they’re a)drunk b)just woke up c)random unposed bad moment

On the other hand when they try to make someone look their best they always use a press shot or posed photo.

Thats normally true Rob… but not in this case. Shes had a lot of something done… and its not photoshop.

Yeah fair enough, just media has taken it to extreme. I’d be interested to see what she looks like now in a press shot also, rather than trying to compair with a random unposed v posed press shot.

Even if she hadn’t had something done she’d still look better in the press shot so it’s difficult to really judge fairly from those two pictures alone.

She’s always been hot though, dunno why she’d decide to get sht done.

Kinda reminds me of Jordan / Katie Price, she used to look good in her younger years before she got lots of work done to herself. Now she looks f
cking aweful.

Yeah… when she was going out with Dane Bowers… she looked good better then.

The Missus watches her show on TV - Awful stuff. She’s aged so much. She actually looks like someone who lives in a house on wheels.

Christ, is this what’s become of SA?

[quote]Bouffont (02/05/2011)[hr]Christ, is this what’s become of SA?


Yes :slight_smile: