Who is this?

I’ll let this run for a bit if no-one gets it.

Its fkn mad the change in this person from what she looked like. Bit of surgery, apparently :wink:

So who is it?

Its someone that most people in the UK / Ireland will have seen at some point in recent years.

Is it sinead o’connor ?

She wishes! :hehe:

Pete burns?

I know who it is…It’s Yoko Ono.

Dont care

no idea

Frank Bruno?

Anne widicombe?:smiley:

Also dude where did this one come from?

You have WaaaaaaaaaaaaaY too much time on your hands hahaha


The Wife has a Womens Mag here:

Do you know Sarah Harding - The Blond one from Girls Aloud.

She has been trhough the mill with some botched plastic - according to reports.

I always liked Cheryl or Nadine… But I couldnt believe the change in Sarah. Fkn hell!!!

WTF!?!!! Opened the Mag & its 2 different people like :w00t:

Stupid frickin celebs , she was fit man why the fcuk would you fix it i it aint broken ?

Silly girl !!

I prefer anne widicome anyway ;):smiley:

Exactly. Mate - She didnt need it… no matter what she thought. Terrible.

Anne: Bring a bag of flour :wink:

your messing right! thats not frank bruno? :hehe:

[quote]Mussi81 (01/05/2011)[hr]your messing right! thats not frank bruno? :hehe:[/quote]

No Harry - I’m not Frank :slight_smile:

Still don’t care

You’ve changed Slender - You used to be really helpful & friendly :P

I’m only ever helpful

looks like she bin smacked in the mouth

on the other hand the second pic is clearly an official type publicity shot (ie prob photoshopped)

and the first pic is her comin out of the pub or tescos or summat and not done up like in the other one

still tho bit of a difference

and ICN your avatar is really startin to get on my nerves f**kin get rid of it

your like the after pic in a celebrity stitch up!

I see :smiley: