Why Kick 2 Don't have a correct INIT Preset!

My name is Ronei aka Spectro Senses, I have Kick 2 once released, So I would like to know why we don’t have a correct INIT preset, The mistakes I found is in this order:

1.Volume Overcliping = This is create a bad distortion (Red Volume Meter) at the (Init) So normally i need down my fader of Sub Control on the green region to create a clean Kick without any distortion.

2.Why the EQ are on at 195hz with -7.8db attenuation??, (Why we just turn off that option!)

3.On the last Update now we have a INIT Preset, But Basically is the same thing of just open the Instrument, So Let’s try really create a INIT preset Button on the next updated?

This is most worst thing, Because every time I need create something new (INIT) I need manager all this things before start, Of Course I can save my preset on that way, But the thing for me is, I think for better results its better the INIT really work like INIT without any function activated.

Hi there @RoneiMusic

The Init Preset in Kick 2 is intended to put you in the ballpark, therefore it implies some sound design. Starting really from nothing won’t really sound like a Kick, so it was designed as a starting point to provide an already nice sounding Kick.

That said, there’s a possible work around to change this initial preset and replace it with your own & it will then become your default preset when clicking on “Init Preset” from the pull down Menu.

  • First you need to locate & backup your default preset :

On a MAC the path is YourMacOS-HDD/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Presets/Factory/Analog/default.preset ( This is the main MacOS Library, not the User Library )

on WIN it’s located here YourWIN-HDD/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Presets/Factory/Analog/default.preset

You can also use the “Open User Preset Folder” option from the pull down menu and browse Factory/Analog folder from there.

  • Once you’ve located the default.preset make sure to back it up somewhere on your HD to keep a copy and then REMOVE it from the Analog Folder, then delete your instance of Kick 2 and open up a new one in your DAW.

  • You should now have a default sound with no Pitch & Amp nodes, full length, no clicks sounds and EQ completly FLAT ( you can even use the “EDIT” feature and de-activate all bands.

  • If it suits your needs for a new Init Preset then you can save it as is ( see next step ), if not just tweak the preset to a suitable starting point for you.

  • Once done with the new Init Preset tweaks, use the SAVE or SAVE AS feature from KICK 2 GUI :

→ For the Preset Name use default
Preset Category can’t be changed, it will be User Presets by default ( we’ll move the preset in next step )

Confirm the default preset save.

  • Browse to your Kick 2 User Presets folder ( again you can use the “Open User Preset Folder” option from the pull down menu ) and find your new default.preset file and then MOVE IT back to Factory/Analog/ folder where the original Init preset was stored. Delete this instance of KICK 2 and launch a new one inside your DAW, you should now have your new default preset as a starting point and it will work with the “Init Preset” option from the pull down menu too, as long as you rename the preset default.preset & saved it in the correct path.

  • This new default preset might get overwritten when updating Kick 2 if there’s some changes to the factory presets, so you should keep a copy somewhere and you’ll just need to replace the Factory/Analog/default.preset with yours after a new update if needed.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

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This is ridiculously too involved… Can’t you just implement a menu option that says “save as default template”. It took me 10 min total to change a default presets. I should not have had to use google after not being able to find an obvious option, parse through 50 lines of explanation, and have to do multiple steps involving manipulating files on my hard drive, restarting the plugin, etc…

Users would appreciate it if you could show attention to not-so-small details like these.

We are working on the next version of kick so will be sure to include a way to save a user default file.

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the TL;DR is
Open KICK 2 - modify the default preset to your liking and save it (overwrite)
this will now be your INIT preset going forward

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