Why Kick 2 Don't have a correct INIT Preset!

My name is Ronei aka Spectro Senses, I have Kick 2 once released, So I would like to know why we don’t have a correct INIT preset, The mistakes I found is in this order:

1.Volume Overcliping = This is create a bad distortion (Red Volume Meter) at the (Init) So normally i need down my fader of Sub Control on the green region to create a clean Kick without any distortion.

2.Why the EQ are on at 195hz with -7.8db attenuation??, (Why we just turn off that option!)

3.On the last Update now we have a INIT Preset, But Basically is the same thing of just open the Instrument, So Let’s try really create a INIT preset Button on the next updated?

This is most worst thing, Because every time I need create something new (INIT) I need manager all this things before start, Of Course I can save my preset on that way, But the thing for me is, I think for better results its better the INIT really work like INIT without any function activated.

Hi there @RoneiMusic

The Init Preset in Kick 2 is intended to put you in the ballpark, therefore it implies some sound design. Starting really from nothing won’t really sound like a Kick, so it was designed as a starting point to provide an already nice sounding Kick.

That said, there’s a possible work around to change this initial preset and replace it with your own & it will then become your default preset when clicking on “Init Preset” from the pull down Menu.

  • First you need to locate & backup your default preset :

On a MAC the path is YourMacOS-HDD/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Presets/Factory/Analog/default.preset ( This is the main MacOS Library, not the User Library )

on WIN it’s located here YourWIN-HDD/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Presets/Factory/Analog/default.preset

You can also use the “Open User Preset Folder” option from the pull down menu and browse Factory/Analog folder from there.

  • Once you’ve located the default.preset make sure to back it up somewhere on your HD to keep a copy and then REMOVE it from the Analog Folder, then delete your instance of Kick 2 and open up a new one in your DAW.

  • You should now have a default sound with no Pitch & Amp nodes, full length, no clicks sounds and EQ completly FLAT ( you can even use the “EDIT” feature and de-activate all bands.

  • If it suits your needs for a new Init Preset then you can save it as is ( see next step ), if not just tweak the preset to a suitable starting point for you.

  • Once done with the new Init Preset tweaks, use the SAVE or SAVE AS feature from KICK 2 GUI :

→ For the Preset Name use default
Preset Category can’t be changed, it will be User Presets by default ( we’ll move the preset in next step )

Confirm the default preset save.

  • Browse to your Kick 2 User Presets folder ( again you can use the “Open User Preset Folder” option from the pull down menu ) and find your new default.preset file and then MOVE IT back to Factory/Analog/ folder where the original Init preset was stored. Delete this instance of KICK 2 and launch a new one inside your DAW, you should now have your new default preset as a starting point and it will work with the “Init Preset” option from the pull down menu too, as long as you rename the preset default.preset & saved it in the correct path.

  • This new default preset might get overwritten when updating Kick 2 if there’s some changes to the factory presets, so you should keep a copy somewhere and you’ll just need to replace the Factory/Analog/default.preset with yours after a new update if needed.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

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