Witch headphones to use?

Hi everyone! I’m a beginner in music world, just started to learn how to make a good sound, and sonic academy is really good help. But I’m using imac and have no speakers. I like genelec but it’s expansive for now. I would like to buy headphones, but witch? I like senhieser hd-280 but not sure that it’s a good choice. Please, help me to find a good one for all this tutorials!)) p.s. Sorry for my English

Personally I have AKG702s and I can’t say a bad word about them. I know a lot of people swear by the Senheisser HD 600 or 800sbr

Audiotechnica ATH-M50br
Not to much expensive and great quality

It’s quite personal. You could make a first selection of the more neutral kind of studio headphones and then go to a shop.br
Cause you really should have a personal listen and fit! You don’t want to end up with headphones that are painful to wear.

Thanks everyone. So i choice hd-650, it’s sounds pretty good, and better then hd-280. i just listen it in shop. It’s maybe i little bit coast, but sound is realistic.

We have a 650’s here and they sound great - in out opinion:)br

beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80 ohms

hey dont forget with most high end headphones you usually need a high end headphone AMP or DAC/AMP to power them so you really hear their full potential.

HD 650! really great headphones but remember their are not not sealed! very clean sounding Nice and deep bass, clear treble

KRK 8400 KNS headphones are really good imo. They have a great frequency response, are comfortable to wear and best of all are very reasonable in price (less than £100). Well worth a punt! :cool:

Hi there! I am having many collections of headphones, but affordable noise isolating headphones is my favorite one. Because it blocks outside noise and fits very well over the ear and comfortable while using. Choose such headphones, which give good sound quality and fits comfortably. And also check reviews from the sites like amazon, ebay or Soundmagic before buying headphones.