Witch House / Wave / Ambient

Would love to see some tutorials on making this style of music. Witch House, Wave, Ambient. They all share a lot of similarities so I imagine it could be all be covered in 1 course/video. From what I can tell, the genre is trap drums for the most part, ambient pads, heavy reverb, and can use low and high pitched vocals.

Artists: Wavemob collective (Øfdream, Harukasuka, Klimeks), Pensees, OBESØN, LAIRE, Kodyak

Songs: Øfdream - Thelema, Harukasuka - Au revoir, Klimeks - Reborn, Pensees - She, OBESØN - Drugs, LAIRE - Nobodies, Kodyak - Reborn

Youtube playlist with all of these songs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoxDFEy0OmYbaOO43ByvqTLdoRqLyjusU