With it's recent major popularity across the land, it's time for Dutch House

Afrojack, Sandro Silva, Laidback Luke, ect… ect…

It’s getting pretty heavy these days.

and to get a better understanding

angger dimas, peace treaty, two charming men, anjiro rijo, tony senghore, kid kaio, ralvero, bart b more, digital lab, revero

This has been mentioned à few times but SA refuses to listen i think they may not know how to do it or something its weird but come on SA look at afrojack, chuckie , Sydney Samson, Alvaro, quintino etc PLEASE SA read these posts and take some action before just mindlessly copying over old tutorials onto different DAWS or making à fiesta of tutorials for absolute beginners! I think à how to sound like dutch house would be very popular much better than dubstep or techno or nu gaze . . . I just Hope they listen !

I have to try this technique at work…I’ll insult my boss by telling him how much of a moron he is and then I’ll ask for a raise. Think I’ll get it?

Dutch House isn’t really all that hard to make. I just like seeing the videos because it gets my creativity fueled.

Timofey has another tut up.

Oddity synth preset patch 21 or 22.

No bass, Big kick & big tom

Some vocal sample.

Mix it well