Wolfgang Gartner Sexy Voice?

So this could very easily be answered by somebody on the forums or by a tech tip, but how exactly is Wolfgang getting this sort of voice-synth-chord sound.

Sound is at 1:49 (it’s the very brief one shot high synthy voice thing that Wolfgang uses a lot)

Love this song, my favorite from Wolfgang Gartner. I’m not 100% but does it sound almost like a string disco stab sort of thing to anyone else instead of a vocal? I’ve got no idea what the synth is doing when it goes 1-2-3-4 at the end of the phrase though.

I think you’re right in that it sounds like there is definitely a synth there. But I’m hearing this kind of “ahh” that might just be the filter envelope but sounds like a voice to me…

sounds like a voice 2 me. but just an 8th note of that sample.

i think is it 8th of the sound at 2.13, or that sound just cut down. what you think?

@dirtydiscos yeah, it is that sample… question is, what is that sample? ah, this puzzles me the more i think about it.