Wondering if phil can help me with kick

hey phil wondering if you could show me how you made that kick in you got the love tech tip I have a really good sub bass tail going in the kick I have been layering but im having trouble getting a real solid punch it always sounds weak the kick has alot of weight now but just a weak top

also what frequencies should I be cutting in other sounds to ensure my kick stays solid

Have you tried a trasient shaper on the kick? You can give a kick a crazy amount of punch with the sonnox trans mod plugin!

I havent mate better google it and check it out then thanks

Its just s a few samples layered.

ive attached it for you.

thanks phil :), is there any videos that I should be watching on SA about eqing holes in other sounds for the kick to punch through?

hmm not sure… use the search filter for sidechaining see what comes up.

I think its really just about good balance between the sounds and some sidechaining.

are you having a specific problem with your track?

Im not sure if its because Im focusing so much on the top end of the kick with my ears but I just feel like the tok or top end of the kick gets a bit weak in the mix maybe abit lost

if it helps Im trying to make a kick like this

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

its just a really solid sounding kick

not that i completely endorse this but if you have the software rip the track then sample the kick from it. then you have your perfect kick :):D:hehe:

not really into into stealing other peoples hard work

Chances are he sampled it from someone else… and they sampled it off someone before that. and then maybe someone would sample it off you.

the kick there is pretty clean too.

Unless your synthing up the Kick yourself Nathan your probably using audio samples right?

Definately dont see sampling a kick as stealing someone elses work. EVERYBODY, i mean everybody including all your favourite producers do it.

sampling really is the life and blood of Electronic music.

I guess I never really though about it like that how do you go about sampleing a kick from a track? I guess its not a bad way to get a good bass and then layer over it

Ps. didnt mean to post the my post earlier twice

Try to find the best quality verson youbcan… Pref a wav off beatport… Wuldnt bother with the soundcloud version bit rate too low.

Then put it in ableton and loop round a clean kick at the start. It really helps if its as clean as possible.

ok thanks phil I will look into it

how would you generally go about trying to make the kick not instantly recognized from the track you sampled it from

no one will recognise a kick is from a particular track.

thats the beauty of sampling. seriously that kick has probably been used in well over 2000000000000 + 1 billion + 1 zillion tracks:D:cool::stuck_out_tongue: