Wonky / Wobbly Basslines

Here is a mini tut on Massive

Tutorial 1-Dubstep Wobble Bass with Massive - YouTube

This is the exact kinda thing i’m really looking for at the moment, in depth LFO creation to get those kinda querky sounds.

Would be nice to see a bite size on Massive.


This is spot on! I’m hoping that the coming tutorials will cover this in much detail. As well as covering how to sync the notes just right so they sound fidgetesque. I’ve noticed in a couple of tracks lately, even non 4/4, the are using a hidden 4/4 kick beat for sidechain compression to get some of the pump in the wonk bass. I have been unsuccessful at recreating it thus far :frowning: Hurry Graham! :smiley:


Thanks for this post. I am now starting to make bass lines like this. I still need some practice but this post helped me get started.