Woop Woop Chicken Soup, Funky Spunky Monkey Loops!

Hopefully that title got your attention :stuck_out_tongue: Got a new tune in the pipeline. Would appreciate your thoughts

Imminent by The GBR Project



Hey, good arrangement. Songs moves well.

I like the wood block sounds that you can hear prominently after the second break. Did you program them or sample them? It’s a cool beat.

There’s a few things that sounded ‘odd’ to me though.

The bassline kind of doesn’t fit for me with the tone of the track. The track seems quite dark, which is good, but the bass has a happy feel to it. I think it’s the higher pitched note in the second half of the bar. The syncopation is good, it’s the higher note that makes it seem ‘happy’. Does that make sense?

The other thing is the new synth stabs that come in after the first break. They seem out of time with the rhythm at first. They seem to sit better when they’re mixed in with the rest of the track near the end of that section but, prominent as they are after the end of the first break, they seem odd.

Hope that helps.

Thanks man, I’ll look into that, the more I’m listening to it I agree the synth stabs sound a bit out of place. Gonna sit down and have a quiet word with them on the weekend and see if we can agree on a rhythm! :wink:

The wood blocks are a sampled hit programmed through the drum rack with some delay effects sends in Live. :slight_smile:

Well I couldn’t wait until the weekend so I jumped straight onto it! I’ve updated the soundcloud file for your perusal :smiley:

yeah def works better after that break now. Sounds like you’ve copied another part and gone up an octave or two. works well.

did you tinker with the bassline too? sounds darker now. maybe I’m just funny in the head.

Yeah I changed the bassline synth so it was smoother and darker with less higher harmonics. I added a different reverb to the synth stabs to make the sound a little richer. Thanks for your feedback, really helped. :slight_smile:

Awesome dirty house track, nice :slight_smile:

[quote]exitsmiling (23/09/2010)[hr]Awesome dirty house track, nice :)[/quote]

Very kind of you thanks! :smiley: