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Unknown by jon_fisher

Yes mate . . . liking this . . . nice bouncy vibe to it . . .

Tune swap when both our tracks are finito ?

what do you mean? you would like a copy when its finished?

jon, how did you embed the player in the post?

RE your track

im writting this as i listen so forgive me if a bit sketchy…

i like the start. Id personaly take the top of the stab with a filter.

you take the kick out to good effect. maybe add some fx when it comes back in maybe a crash or white noise?

liking the strings… good rise on them. Id maybe add a longer note in a different key to give it more of a melodic effect 2 bars before you open up the release.

that piano stab is wicked mate…

needs a bit of moving on though about bar 8… maybe add another melody or even just some hats to make it ride.

the synth stab try it with a bit of side chain with the kick.

over all nice track mate.

thanks for the feedback. the embed the track goto soundcloud above your tracks click the </>share and copy the code then simply paste the code onto the forum page :slight_smile:

hey jon,

good track i would just add a couple of instruments towards the last part of the song. i also like the first breakdown

nice bouncy tune man, sounding real nice. :slight_smile:

Hi Jon,

Yes - A copy to play out when finished would be great, and I will also send you a copy of my track when finished . . .

yeah mate that would be cool