Work in progress, need feedback please:)

in the middle of mastering but need to know if its good at all or if im wasting my time:L

sorry i cant get onto soundcloud but there is a download link, give me any type of feedback please, on changes or wat you like/dislike


i quite like it, sounds kinda minimal to me tho, some of the effects are nice, the breakdown could be a bit better i think, it sounds a bit off key or something :S but maybe thats what you wanted

yeh yur right, i fixed it i think:S ne ideas for a name?

haha i’m crap at name tracks, i named one of mine poo :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaaha nice, i named it Double Drop, andi finished it hav a look

Double Drop by DeanKenny

the section from 0:48 to 1:20 is sick! i wanted the track to carry on like that. good stuff though your full of ideas i reckon you could make 4 or 5 tunes out of it :slight_smile: