Work in progress

tracks not finished yet but may change a lot depending on feedback and if i get any ideas to drive it to that next level

feed back please, no fluff

Uknown by jon_fisher

cannot play it mate

something to do with soundcloud mate just goto my page its the track called unknown

Jon, just to be clear I’ve not yet produced anything to this standard but can give you my Dj/listener opinion…

i like the track and the groove I don’t think you need much more in there, keep it simple, but I think the break should be kept more minimal…the bass needs working on, try to make it more ‘crisp’ (i know i kno easier said than done) but it seems to be fighting with your huuuuuge kick,

nice track this…just keep at it and get it finished :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback guys, the kick and bass have not yet been eq’d i’ve simply just made a loop and dragged it out to make some kind of arrangement lol.

at least you seem to like it so its maybe worth putting a bit more work into it :slight_smile:



Just had a listen and really like it - its defo a solid base to work from - dont throw this to one side as i think you can build on this and make it better. Maybe some sort of twisted vocal over it chopped up. Suppose it depends if you still want to keep it minimal though. Kepp up the good work fella.