Worked really hard on this on with a strong focus on sound design

Worked pretty hard on this one to get the sounds right, let me know what ya think :wink:

7 Skies - Sushi (Wayne’s just for fun remix) by Wayne Fontaine

Excellent mate!!! production is top notch!

only think that stuck out was the kick fill at the break… might be nicer if the filtered or faded up.

That bassline is wicked mate, wicked production, really enjoyed this.

cheers for the feedback fellas :slight_smile:

Phil you might want to put wayne on the payroll!!:smiley:

Sounds really good. You can tell you’ve put alot into designing all those sounds to work together. Really nice track mate

Really nice bassline wayne, what you make that with?

Strobe layered with Sylenth and V-Station. Stronbe is the main body, sylenth fro some wideness, v-station for some warmth

This is really good. No idea what the original sounds like, but you should definitely send a demo to anjunabeats.

Good luck!