Working with vocals

Ive been wanting a tutorial done on this for a while but to no avail as of yet. Im pretty good with vocals in terms of proccessing and getting them dynamic and sitting nicely in a mix. The problem i have and one i need advice on is as to how to go about putting fx on vocals. What are some really nice reverbs on, what kind of reverb what kind of delay etc? How do you get your vocal to sound spacy and dreamy. How do you set up a delay so a whole sentance is delayed and repeated instead of just a few words. How do you treat your vocals with thes fx without them getting too muddy. Any ideas? Please discuss.

Found some interesting vocal stuff on here [url][/url]

Its a long video but well worth the watch, the vocal info starts at 6.40.

Hope u enjoy it as much as i did !

Its the Bushwacka video, but check the others out too.

Thats some good tips but doesnt really help me fully. Its interesting to see the lack of response on this, does this show lack of knowledge on this dark art lol? I remember a post i made a while ago about how Axwell got his vocal sound in a particular track and that thread got 0 replies lol. Have a discovered a potential SA tutorial that would actually benefit every single subscriber?!? Lol.

I got all chuffed when i did a bit of reversed reverb on some vocal samples,

Sounds like your at a higher level.

Stonebridge does some cheeky vocal work on that link too, using parts of a vocal as backing vocals with simple delays

hey man, heres a video of Thomas Gold on how he mixed his Delerium remix, how he mixed the vocals is in this video. found it pretty usefull, but unfortunately i dont know where to get any vocals, i think it would be cool to base tracks around vocals but i dnt know where to find any vocals! haha any help?

heres the video man ! Thomas Gold In The Studio With Future Music Part 2 - YouTube

I’d love to see a vocals tutorial

vocals tutorial would be awesome. i've been doing more & more with them lately.

would be cool to see some new techniques.

freakin ableton is the WIN for vocals. so easy to manipulate.

Tbh i think a whole series on vocals would be awesome. Not just how to make them sound nice but also how to manipulate them and warp thrm and for example how to get an acapella that was recorded at a low bpm into a track with a fast bpm without it sounding a mess. I mean the reverse reverb trick is old now we need more brain food to digest.