World fnoob day

fnoob is rapidlt becoming the internets largest techno radion station

as part of world fnoob day we are having a massive 72 hour technothon

this should be live right now!! be sure to check it out, also my set goes out this evening 1700-1800 gmt and is look back to the past with a slamming mix of drumcode, clr styled tunes from the early 2000s is for sale | HugeDomains


11.10-12.00hr V1NZ
12-13.00hr Kereni
13-14.00hr EL Grego
14-15.00hr John Joa
15-16.00hr Paul D Lewis
16-17.00hr Detox 1000
17-18.00hr James Musselwhite
18-19.20hr Dead Sound
19.20-20.20hr Mr Jones
20.20-21.20hr Tosi
21.20 -22.50hr David Moleon
22.50-00.50hr Mark Rey


00.50-1.50hr Space DJz
1.50- 2.50hr Daz Furey
2.50 - 4.00hr Tony Marino
4.00 - 8.00hr Steve Kuehl
8.00-9.00hr Fernando
9.00- 10.00hr Mars Vertigo
10-11.00hr Nemesis
11-12.00hr KW AUDIO
12-13.00hr Jeff Keenan
13-14.00hr Bawn Trubble
14-15.00hr Darkcell
15-16.00hr Durchmacher
16-17.00hr Jesto
17-19.00hr Q’le & Darkmode B2B
19 -20.00hr Tim Muller
20-21hr Hefty
21-22hr Brian Burger
22-23hr Tony Silver
23-00hr Mirko S


00-1.00hr Ninna V
1-2hr Mie
2-3hr Gracie
3-4hr Kuba
4-5hr Nenad Lonic
5-6hr SM Noize
6-7hr Hackler and Kuch Live set
7-8hr Moldavius
8-9hr Yac
9-10hr Steve Kyri
10-11hr B Control
11-12hr Taiseugao
12-13hr Danko
13-14hr John Gerard
14-15hr Steve Lukas
15-16hr Daz Neutreno
17-18hr Ross Alexander
18-19hr J T Kyrke
19-20.30hr DJ ESP AKA Woody McBride
20.30-21.30hr Mattias Fridell
21.30-22.30hr Vegim
22.30-23.30hr Patrick DSP
23.30-00.20hr Daegon


12.20-1.20hr Cush
1.20-2.20hr Misjah
2.20-3.20hr Kilfgh
3.20-4.20hr Stiv & Vallo
4.20-5.20hr Sascha Kupfe
5.20-6.20hr Lileth
6.20-7.20hr Insomniac
7.20-8.20hr Miss Fuzzy
8.20-9.20hr Morgan Thomas
9.20-10.20hr Erphun

Know a lot of those names! Cool

Not sure if I can listen to Tech on Mothers Day Mate, at a Mothers day dinner! LOL

But sounds fkkn great - You going to put it up on SC?

You playing any of those Liebing Stigmata tracks?

i wonder if anyone will actually catch all of it?

yeah its a bit difficult to listen to it all but ill put my stuff up on s/c

here is a tracklist of my set:

dj lenk, 142

adam beyer, constellation

dreg, and thats 2

w jorg henze, lost and found

adam beyer henrik b, where are we going?

marco carola, 7th question

Gaetek, Pain 23, A1, Untitled

basic implant, revenge of the 202, chris liebing mix

hardcell and grindvik, bitchin betty

adam beyer, signal 9

chris liebing analogue ep, adam beyer remix

chris liebing, the order of art

w.jorg henze, day of judgement

blackout audio, dark queen, marg eg + chrissi mix

[quote]chekka (03/04/2011)[hr]i wonder if anyone will actually catch all of it?[/quote]

I’ve locked Jan in my basement with it full blast :smiley:

Cool Mate - Look forward to it :cool: