Would appreciate technical feedback about mixing, reverb etc. on a new song

Here is the link :slight_smile: - SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Hi there @BenKen181

Which track then ? This link is pointing to your Soundcloud page, not a specific track, you should edit your post & updte the link :wink:

woops fail…edited the link!

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Thanks for the updated link :wink:

Well this one requires some brain gym, there’s a drastic effect thanks to the exaggerated reverb, though it’s very nice on the piano sound, I found it a bit overwhelming around 2:04 & 2:40 when it gets very busy, I’ve been missing another layer to “re-center” my brain during those moments. The pluck synth you’re bringing by the end around 3:53 does that nicely BTW :wink:

While the reverb gives the psychedelic feel to the track, I found the kick & drums very much “in the front” & a bit loud in volume compare o the other elements, that was also a reason for that “listening brain positioning”, it gets better when you listen to the track a 2nd time but was quite surprising during the first listening.

thanks a lot for your always detailed feedback i really appreciate it :grin:
I will try some changes according to your feedback and hopefully make the track more clear in terms of reverb.

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