Would be great if Kick 2 had a 'transpose' (Not the same as pitch)

It would be great if Kick 2 had a transpose control, similar to rendering + transposing, but with other variables still editable. Where transpose would scale all parameters (clicks, adsr) within the synth as if pitching up/down the sample but selected preset remains completely destructive. I appreciate that EQ would be difficult to do, but at least the core click + sub with its respective ADSR envelopes to scale according to transposition. Hopefully that makes sense!

If you are using Ableton you could use the waveform generator function built into kick 2. Then take that sample and drop it into a sampler (simpler if you’re using Ableton) and you could pitch the sample from there. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what your wanting to do but it sounds like you are wanting to adjust the pitch of your kick as a whole.

Also, if you just want to pitch something like the sub part of the kick (the main tone) you can do that on the left side bar where the window to create the shape of the kick is.

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@dangerale Don’t think it’s possible to implement the way you mean it TBH since we’re dealing with different layers before the final plugin audio output.

Alternatively, you can either change the Key when rendering your KICK to audio and also modify your audio kick sample inside your DAW ( as suggested in @JamieD post ) or you can also Pitch each layers ( sub + Clicks accordingly ).

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