Would really appreciate some feedback on my latest Trance track. Thanks


What do you guys think? Anything thoughts would be appreciated, thank you. Ryan

I think is sick!!! Great job bro!

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Hey! Overall really nice sound here. everything sounds lush to me :slight_smile: I feel like the arrangement could maybe benefit from some more variation and transition. It feels a bit blocky or sectional? hopefully that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: maybe the break at 1:27 could get a lot quieter with potentially some more layers of atmosphere in there so that there is more room to build into the drop at 2:37 for example.

This is something im struggling a lot with too so hopefully this is helpful. :slight_smile: the sound and technical side of the track is on and sounds great! Im especially digging some of those fuzzy bass sounds youve got at the end there. good job!

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Thanks man appreciate your feedback. I’m happy you pointed those things out, especially about the break lacking a bit of atmosphere…I had my doubts about that section of the track too.


Like this too… nice warm sound… the lead sound is good too. very atmospheric.

one thing that stuck out was the sidechain stuff in the breaks… assuming its lfo tool or kickstart or a ghost kick still running. i think you could dial that back.

Thanks Phil. Exactly right, my kickstart is running into the break on the low pad and fx. Does seem a bit heavy now you mention it so will need to automated the mix level to dial that back a bit. Thanks for the feedback

Hey there! Great job! The track sounds well very well produced. You should be VERY proud of yourself. My biggest piece of advice is in regards to your arrangement. For your next composition find a track that you love from one of your favorite artists and deconstruct the form/arrangement. How many bars is the intro? How many choruses between the first drop and the start of the breakdown? How long is the breakdown? How many choruses occur after the breakdown before the outro? ETC. What occurs matters (sounds, melodies, etc), but WHEN it occurs I think matters even more (arrangement). I think your ideas within this composition are great but the arrangement doesn’t flow as smoothly as it could. And by flow I don’t mean from a technical mixing standpoint…I mean from a musical standpoint. When you listen to the track with your eyes closed does everything happen when it’s “supposed” to happen? I think if you deconstruct a track that you love and use its form and a guide to mimic your next composition after your next track will sound even better than this one does! I hope my constructive criticism helps. Congrats again on a great job well done! -Simon

I really like this! The only thing I would say is that it was slow to start, but once it did it sounded pretty professional! Nice job

Many thanks for the feedback Simon. I like the way you explained your thoughts on the arrangement and your suggestions are extremely helpful to me, so thanks once again. The feeling i’m getting on this one is that my sound design and mixing is almost there but there is further work to be done on the composition and flow of the track. This is quite consistent with feedback I’ve had in the past so I definitely I need to brush up on some theory work. I will be analyzing some of my favourite tracks for inspiration. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Appreciate it.