Wow - lot of new productions on here recently :)

I’ve been flatout in studio myself for last month coming out with two tracks of which the latest is here:

Broken Toy (CLIP) by Geiger & Gwoa

Gonna get a wee break from producing for a few days so will hopefully have more time for the forum and to listen to other tracks etc.

Really like this one, nice percussion and love the breakdown with the intro of the horns, I can definitely see this one working this summer

It’s got something. Maybe needs a little more drama here and there though.

Thanks for your comment on my other track mate.

Good luck with getting it signed.

Like the track. The dark piano that comes in after the second break is nice. The drums are cool to.

I think if you added more automation with big sweeps and effects etc in the middle of the track you could really build it up and drop it back down in places. Maybe that would create more atmosphere in other parts. :slight_smile:

nice groove, i like the break melody, i’d kinda like to see a counter bass in there but it still works alright, myave after the break you could mangle it up with some effects or something to add interest…

I really like this. The bit after the breakdown is great. Maybe you could add something to the build up, like effects or automations. But still really good.