Wrong Track

need Mix pointers on please ! Also I don’t know why but I can’t delete the other Thread .

I want the mix to sound tight before I add vocals & Piano Lead with her Vocals . I already got a few piano Ideas but if you guys have any tips let me know


using Auto Quantize Kills my piano playing and ever Since I stop using it my music sounds natural


Is there a Vst that Can load up 2 VSTS and I can have bass on one side of the keyboard and Pads on the other ? I hate making a baseline then a Synthline , I  rather play the bass with the synth at the same time as this will allow me to be more creative


I think the Piano doesn’t work with the PADS its already to Airy in the mix - The pads with the other sounds sound Really clean but once I put the Piano in the mix it killed it . Ah but I want piano -


Is there anyone out there on these boards to give pointers ? HELLLLO …