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Hey guys bit of an online plug for an online radio show I’m involved with. Check it out!


Enabling people of all passions to express their musical style.
Empowering under-represented sounds, without restraint.
Granting freedom to express something with a difference.

Free music.

Soundpond.net is Australia’s 1st online, live multimedia broadcast station, streaming live DJ sets from its Adelaide studio 7 days a week. More than just an internet radio station, Soundpond.net is a focal point for Adelaide’s dance music community. A live video feed, chatroom and forum provide a fully interactive experience. Viewers can talk to the dj’s, but also to each other, something not possible with traditional media! We have featured up to 100 live dj’s broadcast per week from Adelaide CBD studios, a view to expansion to other major cities, on-location video from studio and all OB events, regular interstate/international touring guests. We had over 100 hosts and over 400 guests in the first year! To boot, the site experienced 6,000,000+ online visits (verified by Netregistry) since Dec 09. 15,000 unique viewers per week. It’s a success story like no other.

The key focus is presenting underground music and cutting-edge sounds with a wide variety of Adelaide DJs mixing up electronic dance music across many different genres. Starting as a once-weekly Monday jam session broadcast from a bedroom in Sep 2009, the amount of support from listeners, and the enthusiasm of many local DJs to get involved, led to a dedicated CBD studio space and a broadcast schedule spanning 7 days a week. The spirit of the initial Monday night broadcasts lives on with the Pond Jam continuing to showcase specially invited guests into our community to be presented to the world.

Soundpond.net has come a long way from those bedroom days.

In its first 6 months, it featured over 150 guests (including interstate DJs and touring international artists) but also nightclub broadcasts, radio simulcasts, feature events, training demonstrations, product launches, and music festivals as well as establishing strong partnerships with local industry leaders Onion Magazine, Fresh 92.7 and Derringers Music. After only 10 months in the game, the station was involved in over 13 beach-side Sunday jams with Volleyball SA, simulcasting with Fresh 92.7, broadcasting a stage at Stereosonic music festival, a variety of festivals, fashion events, and more. The schedules still packed, the Monday’s are still jamming, sponsorship is being secured and we are set to LAUNCH well into 2011!

Marketing / Event / Sales / Sponsor inquiries
NOW is the time to get on board.
Why should you get involved with us? Other’s have already seen the value! In our inaugural year, Soundpond.net hosted live broadcasts of

  • Several music festivals (inc. Stereosonic’s VIP arena).
  • DJ product launches + tech demos (Ableton and Novation @ SAE Institute.)
  • Local club nights. (Marble Bar, Apple, Savvy, Garage, Live, Rocket Bar, Red Square).
  • Touring artist events. (Kenny Ken, Neon Stereo, Roger Sanchez).
  • Fashion parades, designer collection launches (Davide Bow)
  • 15 Beach DJ sessions (Partnership with Volleyball SA).
  • Underage festivals. (Remember The Days, Delirious).
  • A wide range of local and interstate talent.

Primarily 18-30 year old market, equally gender distributed. Watched by musically savvy, technology comfortable youth, with a party attitude. We are focussed on representing new talent, exploring new genres. We are known to be on the new wave before it’s risen. It’s already a proven concept, and as a result of clever application of existing and open source technology, our staff is minimal. In most cases, 1/5th that of a “traditional” media outlet. As such, we can offer literally unheard of bang for back, the best possible exposure for your dollar, compared to traditional outlets. We have customised software, media servers, and chat networks. In-house staff react to all requirements or faults immediately, leading to absolute maximum reliability unaffected by 3rd party failures.

All eyes are glued to our event and artist announcements, and we don’t accept sub-standard or brand-incompatible business. You can be assured of quality-by-association with Soundpond.net. Pricing is pitched at a level that the emerging on-the-ground street scene can easily afford, which makes the cost of advertising with us almost laughably cheap for any traditional business…but we’re not here to make millions.

Contact us for a marketing / sponsorship brief, or to chat about an idea!

Soundpond.net has always been a grass roots initiative that strives to keep costs down and keep our advertising relevant. While we are a commercial entity, we operate under the ethics and business conduct of a not-for-profit organisation with most income being invested directly back in the studio, and helping present our artists to the world. In the first year of operation, there were zero paid staff, only volunteers. Not even the founding members drew a dime from the station for personal gain.

Did you know that from it’s founding day, every dj on the station has financially contributed a small amount each week? Soundpond.net was started by two regular local DJ’s, Adam Daze and Todd “Skippy” Skipper. They had been broadcasting Monday jams from a garage, and the demand for “Guest” dj’s was getting overwhelming. They realised there was a chance to build something all about the community, to represent sounds and music and evolve and create scenes. Half their mates loved experimenting with beats that just weren’t getting traditional radio time. Without financial backing of any kind, they were unsure if the concept could survive with just community support. For a laugh, they drew up a plan. Yes, they said, we could get a studio. We could get a server. We could do all these things…but every show would have to chip in a small amount. With a full schedule, it would all add up and maybe, just maybe, it could be viable. The word went out to the community and the boys sat back cracking a beer, talking about how they might check up on the responses in a few weeks, and pretty much forgot about it.

Six hours later, the first full 7 day schedule was created. The response and demand was completely overwhelming. Inbox’s flooded and phones ringing off the hook. Despite this, Soundpond.net has always focussed on choosing only the most deserving artists representing the most diverse range of sounds. Time slots have been known to remain “in limbo” when a tough choice is presented for some time, while the team agonise over the most deserving choice. Soundpond.net operated in its inaugural year without any “full time” staff, instead serviced mainly by a deserving team of volunteers. The community cover the day-to-day operating costs, but volunteers helped build and maintain our studio, website, servers and more. Their talent has put together a great site, and sometimes people assume their help may not be required…

The station relies on supporters and contributors to save for NEW equipment,
NEW ways of spreading beats, NEW ways of throwing innovative events.
We can survive forever, but we can only GROW with YOUR help!
YOU can help keep this community alive. You can free music

Contact Details
Station Manager - Adam Daze - 0432 149 935
Email : contact@soundpond.net
Facebook : Redirecting...
Skype : AdamDaze (Please state a reason in the contact request)

Soundpond.net is also supported by by Todd Skipper (General Manager), our tech team (Rohan Parasram, Justin Miller, Michael Henley) and a variety of volunteers!