XD-53 Allen & Heath or KRK 8400 headphones

I cant choose, i need them for production AND DJing

Which would you choose?

This headphone debate is causing a few queries - hopefully someone will help.

I havent used the XD-53’s mate so cant compare but you know I like the KRK’s. You have KRK monitors right? I would think that getting KRK headphones will be a good match for your monitors. Well they are for me anyway.

Again I would check them out in your local music shop if they have them. I would think they would have the KRK’s at least. Just do a quick internet price check and get them to match mate

I’m liking the idea of them sounding similar to my KRKs, but at the same time…

F*CK i can’t choose, they’re the same price anyways.

The KRKs aren’t flat (meaning the frequencies aren’t at 0 in the graph below), they’re bass heavy (which a lot of DJs like).

I’ve compared them to some top rated headphones like the Grados SR 60 which sell for only $79. The other two are insane top end cans in the $1500 range. Notice how the Grados curve more closely matches the high end ones, and the KRK peak on the left in the lows?

If you want reference monitor headhphones here’s a great review site:


Note: if headphone.com is [color=“#cc3300”]temporarily down[/color] the link to graph above will be too

Cheers for that lattetown, is there any way i can see a graph like that showing the XD 53’s response?

yeah man, if youre gonna get the KRK ones, you might as well grab you some Dr. Dre Beats playa! So bass heavy and so sh!tty for production.

Yeah that’s no good for me to be honest, don’t want anything colouring the sound!

LOL @ your sig H :wink: :laugh:

[quote]Roben (29/03/2011)[hr]Cheers for that lattetown, is there any way i can see a graph like that showing the XD 53’s response?[/quote]

If you check out the site I put at the end of the last post you can see all their reviews–unfortunately I didn’t see Allen & Heath or Pioneer reviews. Have you checked out the Grados?

I needed a new set of headphones for studio use as well.

Checked out the KRK’s because they were brand new. But as others I noticed they gave a bit too much bass. In other words, they’re not that neutral as I thought them to be.

Instead I bought me the AKG K240mkII. And I’m very happy with them. :smiley:

Couldn’t resist the $79 Grado SR60i after researching headphones for the thread…they’re on order I’ll let you know next week when they come in.

What I saved on the cans I put into a new usb Mic–the Blue Yeti. :wink: