Xilent style

i was listening to the song Choose me II(dubstep mix) by Xilent, and i want to know what kind of music he is, and what tutorials i should watch to capture some similar techniques to incorporate into a track im going to work on.

That Choose Me track is not Xilents usual style for certain. He usually (or used to) produce great unique chilled out DnB tracks (is it Neurofunk or Liquidfunk or something like that?).

Too bad he’s jumped on the dubstep bandwagon as well now… Choose Me is not unique in anyway form or shape whatsoever…

very true, his stuff is usually alot faster, or at least the stuff i heard, i wouldnt call it a bandwagon, he just remixed a song to make it dubstep, this is his first, he said he might do some more, but i really like the song and want to know some of his techniques