Hey peeps

I’m thinking of going completely digital and i’ve got my eye on the XONE 4d. I’m primarily a minimal tech house dj and I going to by traktor in the near future. Can any one offer any advice when it comes to the xone 4d?

The Xone 4d is good if your starting out!

It has a 20 channel sound-card build into Mixer2

225 parameters to be assigned (MIDI)

The LFO on it seems sick!

Its good Hardware and works well with Ableton!

I highly suggest it what price you getting it for?

I’ve used xone 1d with traktor, 4d seems rather big, not exactly the easiest thing to carry around. (and find space for in a club)

I was pretty happy with my xone, very well build, but it offered very little in terms of feedback, 4d doesn’t seem to be much different in that aspect.

So I’m gonna move on to Kontrol X1, which has more lights than a xmas tree :slight_smile:

and it comes premaped for traktor, which saves a looooot of hassle too :smiley:

Anyway, hawtin used xone [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1H9W_iLff0]- YouTube

but he now moved on to Kontrol x1. (all tho he works for NI :satisfied: )

[quote]Carpe Jugulum (29/03/2010)[hr]Can any one offer any advice when it comes to the xone 4d?


Its expensive as hell!

Might be overkill. Especially if you’re just starting out.

Apparently the xone4d is built in china and not hand built in the uk like they used to be

so that may effect quality. If it sounds anything like a xone 92 though it will be sweeeeeet!