Xpander sound

this is a perfect example of what i am having troubles with. been doing this for 3 month now so still early days. but if you watch the tech tips4 tutorial the xpander sound. if you look at the notes, how on earth did he come up with them. they are so complicated its unbelievable. how do i get to the point were im the one makin notes like that???

It really just takes time… ive been playing keys for years and i wouldnt be upset if it took me a week of back and forth coming up with and original awesome riff.

you really just have to play about…

i start with the rhythm initially get a groove going with single notes then into moving notes then to chords.

i’ll try my best. thanks again phil

one thing that i noticed from this tutorial is the sound of the sylenth .

i think it got really close to sound like the expander track but i felt that the Original sounded more full and also seemed to sound 1 octave lower i think . is that due because of different synthesizers?. or i might be going def? :stuck_out_tongue: