Yet another mau5 request, minimal progressive house?

Sure, it’s probably a really amatuer question, and the answers will probably be simple.

I’m not requesting the typical mau5 sounds, such as I remember, and Brazil.

I’ve got questions about 2 songs.

We Fail

Deadmau5 - We fail [BEST QUALITY] - YouTube


You Need a Ladder?

Deadmau5 - You Need A Ladder - YouTube

Can someone point me in the right direction with these two songs? I’m geussing We fail uses Minimoog, and probably the typical compression/reverb/eq. I’m always a little confused about note lengths, presets and also the more complex eq

s and effects.

I’ve got no clue at all for You Need a Ladder?


you need a ladder i think sounds like its introducin just one synth but with so much reverb & decay it sounds like a pad, then the reverb & decay reduces and the synth is brought in. the layout of the notes are fairly simple but the bass is unreal in the drop iv no idea how thats done… some unreal disortion maybe?

that help? been tryna figure that one out myself