You charged me wrong subscription!

I am sure I bought 3 month plan but you charged me for whole year! I want my money back!

Hi there @3dc

Maybe you’ve done this already, but best is to shoot an email to support for this and let them know your Order number and account Username :wink:

I did but no reply so far. :worried:

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There was the weekend, no worry : support will get back to you soon :sunglasses:

Can you guys please expedite this process please?
Take 32.51€ for quarterly subscription and give me back the difference.
If this issue is not resolved soon I will have to contact PayPal and ask for refund. I will also have to inform music community about this incident.
Please don’t make me do this. I came here to learn music production, not this.

We’ve replied to your email from support now.

  • You were charged correctly for this purchase.
  • This is not a mistake on our end with the billing, you selected the wrong plan and mistakenly purchased a Yearly plan instead of a Quarterly plan :confused:

    • Sorry for the inconvenience, but we can’t amend this plan on our end.

There’s a couple of steps you need to take on your end to solve this :

1 - Login into your account holding your subscription.

2 - Navigate to your My Account/Subscriptions area and from there please CANCEL your Yearly plan.

3 - Navigate to the Subscription page and please purchase a new Quarterly Plan.

Thank you for letting us know once you’ve done this and sales will then be able to refund this mistakenly purchased Yearly plan for you.

I bought a quarterly subscription as advised. Hopefully this will resolve this mistake.

Thanks for kind help.

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Thanks for your prompt reply, pushing this Yearly plan refund request to sales for you now.

Should be all sorted soon. We will send you a new email from support once the refund has been sent.

Thank you :wink:

I hope you guys did not forget about my refund. :worried:

Thank you for refund. :+1:

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