Your challenge for today

Can you figure out what effect/s is/are being used on the vocals of this track?

Amber & Kidd Kaos’s new track =Your Attention

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Oh come on Jon mate, you seem to be a whiz at this, thought you’d be the first to answer with the answer! haha :slight_smile:

maybe i would if the link worked for me :smiley:

try copy n paste :slight_smile:

i have no idea sounds like the vocals are slightly pitched maybe a chorus plug-in to reverb eq/ filters and some cool little cuts and edits

stutter effect if you didn’t know how to do it

Think there could be some transient gating goin on in that one. Check out the tute on this site for ableton live 8.

Tech Tip 10 - Transient Gating In Ableton Live 8

Yeah i’ve seen the transient gating tut, really good. I’m not sure though if it’s that.

I did ask amber but she said she is sworn to secrecy as its a kidd kaos trick, damn her :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, Had another listen to the track. It might be a simple as mapping the different effected vocal parts over a midi keyboard. As in Native Instruments new The Finger

ask Kidd Kaoss?

[quote]bouffont (10/1/2009)[hr]ask Kidd Kaoss?[/quote]

hah good idea… now, just gotta find his contact details lol. Jon?