Your current Traktor setup

So the Traktor 50% off deal is still in effect here in the states at least. I’m going to be purchasing Pro and wondered what controllers you guys are using. I plan on incorporating my iPad, but want a tactile controller as well. Thinking the X1 is all I need as the S4 seems to be buggy, bulky, and just not all that cool. Is there other controllers that you guys are using that you like for Traktor? Is the X1 the route to go? Is it necessary that I map all of my music to the beat grid or is it still possible to just old fashioned mix a track? Any input would be great as the deal is up at the end of the year… Thanks gang!

If you are gonna be mixing outside of traktor I think the X1 is def the way to go and it is still really easy to mix tracks that are not synced to the beatgrid withbthe x1.

I got mine 2 weeks ago and I love it,

I can’t actually imagine using traktor without it now tbh.

Vestax VCI and i love it, feels great to use built like a tank, looks sexy and works with out fault.

Vestax also do:





the kontrol x1’s are excellent i now have two of them!

isnt “buggy” traktors middle name? :w00t:

Bub’s right can’t think about not using one now, so handy to have, really recommended!