Your favourite ableton Presets!

With everyone getting so excited about vst’s and synths and soundsets i think alot of people overlook some of the great presets you get for the ableton plugins. Im finding myself using them more and more and theres some real little gems in there. So list yours and hopefully we can help a few people out. Also if you dont know how to see presets for a live device just click on the little arrow next to the live devices name :slight_smile:


Mix Gel (Nuff said)

1976 (Nice Vintage Compression)

Audio FX Rack

Mastering Suite 1 and 2 (If you dont have any amazing mastering vst’s this rack will do you it has some really cool stuff in there for compressing, limiting and saturation)

Drum Processing (Just pick whatever drum your working on and viola)

Saturation (I use this for mastering pretty much does what a PSP Vintage Warmer does)


Enhance (Instantly enhance the high end of anything)



Church/Cathedral (Nice Long reverbs)

Ambient (Nice Short Reverb that give sounds a little space)

Warm Long Vocal Hall (Does what the name says, really nice on vocals)


Chorus (Instantly gives your sounds more width)

Multiband Dynamics

Multiband Compressor (Does everything the waves C4 does)


Fast (Just a nice limiter to put on the end of your chain)

So post up any ableton presets you find yourself using alot and give a little description of why you use them or what you use them for and i think this can be quite helpfull for anyone discovering Ableton :slight_smile:

I totally agree Ableton has some great stuff included that goes overlooked.

If your into effects racks for live you should check out:

each set comes with at least 50 racks for live at a good price.

did anyone tried out the new guitar amp which is included in ableton 8.2 ?

Apart from Compressors ‘mix gel’ and perhaps sometimes Saturators ‘A bit warmer’, i have a bit of a habit of over looking the pre-sets, bad move really!

I’m now going to have to have a play with some you mentioned, see how they work out for me.

I almost totally overlooked these for some time. If I wanted a reverb, I’d just drag a fresh one in and have a meddle etc.

Same even with simpler and operator etc.

Been doing some more learning recently though and have discovered the true wealth of tools that you actually get with Live Suite, it’s quite amazing really.

Hey guys after reading this thread, I must mention the ‘Ableton Live Producer’ group (at facebook).

Most welcome to join the group guys & avail of the Ableton resource on offer to members…

This week the group started the Ableton Live producer serial, a weekly serial that focuses on production technique covering all genre of producer.

First up is dubstep & first to be featured is producer E-mc Fraktal demonstrating bass drops, bass wobble & fx technique.

E’ has been producing within Live for some time & apart from some top tunes, the man has some fantastic tips & tricks for us.

Members can download_upload_chat_post their tunes or just sit back & watch some

great tutorials…

So pop in & check the group out…

Happy producing,

Lenners :slight_smile:

Tbh i am the same i never even looked at the Ableton presets untill quite recently but i really have to give it to the guys at Ableton because they have included some great presets!