Your Opinion -- My Latest Track

This is a YouTube Link to my most recent work. I remade the first track I ever released back in 2020. I have a before and after video, but I thought I’d just keep it simple. Personally I feel the track is lacking depth, what is your opinion?

Out Of Time 2021 - YouTube

Nice track mate love when it kicks in at one minute the synth you use are cracking! I think the tracks lacking some low end in my opinion maybe a low sub pad bass or something to fill out the low end? but nice track enjoyed the listen.

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Thanks I appreciate that! And great idea, I’ll try that out and see if I can fill it out some more. I appreciate your feedback

Some suggestions here would be to rise up the volume of your drums parts, they sound a bit behind the other elements of the Mix to me and lower down the Fx noises used during transitions, they sound quite harsh and piercing at this level.

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I listened to the song a week ago and didn’t really like it, but thought maybe I’m not in the right mood for this kind of music, so I didn’t comment. Now I’m in the mood and still it has a quite disconnected and flat feeling to me. Imo more lower content, more body, a stronger kick, quieter noise tracks, and a sexier snare would already drastically change that impression.