Your professional opinion please

Hey Guys!

I’d love to get your opinion on another track.

This one is a little more trancy / uplifting / pop.

Although it’s got a firm punch, it’s pretty relaxing also.

I’ve never done a track with this many vocals/instruments, so I had some trouble creating the mixdown. Please let me know:

  • what you like
  • what doesn’t work for you
  • how to improve on this

    Thanks! Your honest, critical opinion works best for me!

    Here’s the link:

    SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds



i’m no expert but the track seems very central (needs more width) and the kick doesn’t punch through the mix enough for this style of music, some elements need to make more use of panning.

all of the above can be achieved with a good mix down, if i were you i would spend the next few weeks doing 3 or 4 mixdowns and testing them on as many systems as possible to see which one works best. or simply pay someone to mix it down for you or maybe one of the guys on here can do a free mix down for you.

forgot to mention that apart from that i quite like the track :slight_smile:

Hey Efriam,

There is a section to post your mixes/productions. More people will see your track if you post it in that section.

@Howiegroove: sorry, didn’t notice that till now, you’re right. If a moderator could move this post that’d be awesome.

@Jon: that’s some REALLY good advice, thanks man! I’m on it!


I agree with Jon, the track needs some final mix production. It’s a good song and with good vocals. I would work on EQing the vocals to make them fit in the mix. Right now they over power the mix. Also are you cutting out low frequencies in everything but the bass and kick?