Your review please (Electro/Pop track)

Hey guys!

Thanks again for the great tutorials.

I’ve managed to finally finish an electro/pop track.

It isn’t mastered fully yet, but it’s something.

Here’s what I need help with:

  • The vocals sometimes sound like they’re not really part of the track
  • The mixdown

    Could you give this a listen and tell me how to improve?

    I really want to nail this track, but this is the part where I’m not really good (the whole mixdown/mastering thing).

    Please let me know what you’d change. Be critical.


    Here’s the link:

    SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds


Hey there

OK, so I am no expert but here is what I think.

First of all, nice track, it has a distinct sound. As for the vocal, initially imo I would say it’s maybe slightly too loud, or, more complicatedly, louder at certain points.

You could maybe try playing round with a filter or EQ to cut off some of the more shrill high end. Or compress it down a bit (be careful not to over compress).

Over all I just think it needs bringing into the mix a bit more gently, that’s all. There are various ways to do this of course.

Again, I’m not claiming to know everything… just some ideas.

Best of Luck.


Hey Doubled,

I think you need to lower the volume , it overpowers the rest of the mix. Also the vocal seems a little dry , try adding some effects to it, or put in chorus sections where you double the vocal track and pitch on up or down a few cents, thats what I would try.


I really like the sounds your using, however (like the posts above me), the vocals overpower the rest of the track to much. Also, maybe try breaking up the vocals some, long stretches of lyrics kind of bore me unless there real interesting to listen to.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: