Z3ta 2 now out for mac osx

Thought some people may be interested p now they have finally released it for mac, owners of the windows version will get a free mac installer :slight_smile:

Awesome, havent tried that synth doh. Any1 recommend this? 79€ ist that bad!:hehe:

I had a play about with it… the FX are pretty nice and the routing is good.

The OSCs are nice and have a lot of options.

The Arp is very well featured.

It has FM and Sync which is cool, although i couldnt figure out how to get it to work.

Im not totally impressed with the filters and its not the easiest to get around.

Overall its a nice synth… it has a sort of soft warm feel to it. Reminds me of my old waldorf Q.

Your not going to get any skrillex type sounds but might be nice for some progressive house stuff.

If you have ANA or Sylenth there isnt a huge amount else going on bar the Sync and FM… Still at £69 its great value.

cant say i have ever used it but i have heard good things. and as you say, good value for money!