Zebra2 synth - progressive house

I’m not a sales representative for U-he but I’ve been using their synth Zebra2 for a little while now and the sounds produced from it is very impressive! Very BIG sharp in your face sounds like NI’s Massive…

This track was made using mainly that synth, I’ve been working hard on getting my mixdown nice and tight, what do you guys think about the final sound? Clean or still needs some work?

Nice one :slight_smile:

Lovely track. Lovely mix. Yeah, that synth sounds super clean to me. Nice and sharp - cuts through the mix perfectly. You’ve got some sweet panning on the delays in there too.

Very nice as always, sounds like youve got what you wanted from Complextro, definately taken the genre and given it your sound.

Thanks mate, I’m glad it sounds clean. The panning on the delays was most likely all synth and not me ;] haha nice one br
@MistroPain br
More and more of my music now if taking different bass sounds… One of my tracks I’ve recently produced has a full on dub-step breakdown before going back into prog trance :w00t:br
I took some of the bass sounds out after people told me I crossed the line with the cheesy sounds :)br
Thanks dude.

Great music, nothing to add or take from it, leave it as it is imo.

etl, both tracks sound nice to. Production mixdown wise.br
Good job. And might have a closer look at Zebra2 soon :wink:

Great tracks. Good Job. Just for my opinion is the synth to harsh and thin when its open the filter. Sounds to digital. Lots of music today sounds very digital harsh, not my taste, but the major people dont care anymore :-(. Redirecting...
So for what to spend more energy and money?br