A.N.A 2 user preset folder

Hi there, I can anyone help me, I’m wanting to save my own sound designed presets in A.N.A 2 and have my own subfolder, when I create a subfolder in the user presets its not showing in the ANA listings ?

OK, so by default your ANA 2 Presets are being saved in your User/User Presets folder when you use the SAVE AS function to save your own presets.

You can reveal your User Presets folder from ANA 2 menu or check the paths below :

Mac : /Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/Presets/Sound Presets/User/User Presets

PC : C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\ANA 2\Presets\Sound Presets\User\User Presets

You are not presented with a custom folder choice when using SAVE AS , and while you can manually create a custom folder inside your User or User Presets folder, it won’t be displayed in ANA 2 Presets Browser.

Reason for this is that presets are being indexed by Names and also Tags like BANK or AUTHOR as well as Category and other tags you can assign to your Preset while your are in the SAVE AS dialog window.

Should you like to have all your User Presets appearing in a custom BANK inside ANA 2 Presets Browser, you will need to Copy or Move all your User Presets and place them in a custom folder inside the DLC folder rather than your User Presets folder and this custom folder will then appear as a BANK inside ANA 2 Presets Browser.

Another thing you can do is to add a new Author Name tag ( you need to first select a preset and EDIT TAGS to do this ). Afterwards, you could then use this new AUTHOR tag when SAVING AS presets. But still, you will need to change the search filter to AUTHOR instead of BANK to filter presets search results and only display the ones you’ve tagged with your new AUTHOR name.

You might want to check this other post about adding a new AUTHOR ( there’s also a linked video ).

Keep in mind that this is just for Presets files, it’s different for custom samples or waveforms where you can add custom folder within ANA 2, but you access this by clicking on the Main Oscillators Waveform or on the Sampler Oscillators Sample and then click the DETAILED VIEW icon, so it’s something different than the Presets Browser view.

Hope this all makes sense and not being too much confusing ! :wink:

Adding a new Author Name and tagging presets with it might be a good solution, check the other post and video :+1:

Cheers ! :sunglasses: