Ana 2- Can't Use On More Than 4 Instrument Channels

Hey so anytime I try to create music using Ana 2 after the Logic Pro X update, I can’t use it on more than 4 channels without sound stopping coming out of my DAW completely. Suggestions?

Is it possible to give us steps to try and reproduce? Also MacOs, LPX + ANA2 versions please

Okay, so I have 4 instrument channels. One is a lead, one is a melody, and two are baselines. Then, let’s say Ana 2 is the instrument on all of them. The sound comes out just fine from the DAW and Ana 2 is working properly. Let’s say I want to add a bass pulse for a new channel, also using the Ana 2 plug in. All of the sudden, with the addition of this 5th instrument channel with Ana 2 on it, the sound completely stops coming out of my daw and all the channels. But when I turn Ana 2 off on the 5th channel; it works fine on only the 4.

  • What version of ANA 2 is installed ? (click the ANA 2 logo top left of the gui to get the info screen).
  • Is it an Intel Mac or a M1/M2 Silicon model ?
  • What macOS version are you running on this Mac ?
  • Assuming you’re using latest Logic pro 10.7.9 since you mentioned after the Logic Pro X update.

There’s a couple of things you’d like to check :

  • Your Logic Audio settings ( especially the I/O Buffer Size ) + Process Buffer Range.
  • Your Logic Project File Settings and the Sample Rate.
  • Check the Output for each Instrument Channel : is it going to a Bus rather than Stereo Out ?
  • Are you using a template and do you have the same issue with a New Empty Project ?

Just dropped 15 instances of ANA 2 v2.5.2 on latest Logic Pro 10.7.9 here and they’re all playing back without issue.

Seems you had a similar/related issue reported in this other post here as well, so I would blame Logic at 1st, but we need more details about your setup and ANA 2 version.

You can also use the Chat here on the forums ( forum’s page Top-Right icon ) or shoot an email to and we’ll take it from there :sunglasses:


Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 17.48.02

ATTN SA Team : ended up doing a teamviewer session with the end user and issue is confirmed on their end. Still trying to replicate this 100% at my end tho, but might be a possible bug.

More info in Support Ticket here :

I have exactly the same Issue with more than 2 instances of ANA2 by specific presets every time I restart the project. I need to delete one instance, reload ANA2 and the preset to get sound again until the next time I reload the project. I am running a Mac Studio M2 Ultra with Ventura 13.5 and Logic 10.7.9. My system runs perfect with all other plugins incl. SSL, Plugin Alliance, Arturia, Native Instruments, U-He etc sometimes projects with over 60 tracks of Instruments and FX with no issues. I run an Antelope Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core Audi Interface. Don’t blame Logic as mentioned here…

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your feedback and system details :sunglasses:

This issue is still under investigation and the developers are aware of this, but it’s a tricky one to replicate.

  • Could you please let us know what are the presets causing issue at your end ?

  • Are those LPX projects older projects created with a previous version of ANA 2 ?

Cheers :wink:

Hi, thanks for the warm welcome. The current preset causing this issue is “Playable Textures” See screenshot:

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 20.27.50

These are new projects with new ANA2 version as I have only just purchased ANA2 last week.

Cheers! :wink:

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I can replicate this with the "“Playable Textures” preset, also on a different system ( Intel Mac with Monterey + LPX 10.7.9 ).

When reopening a LPX Project with multiple instances of ANA 2 using this preset, I only have click and pops and then no audio out inside Logic.

Playable Texture (238.8 KB)

Pushing this to SA team.

@1AMTR1N1TY @AllanMcLoud

ANA v2.5.4 is Now available in your My Acount/My Downloads/Plugins area :+1:

This should address the LPX issue and audio drop out when using multiple instances in Logic.