ANA 2 Init preset default values

Hi, wondering if it is was an intention to set default values for some parameter when you initialize preset to some awkward values, like panning for OSC 1-3 initially -0.5 and double click set it to -0.5, filter 1 key -7 and vel 19, osc 1 detune is 6,42%, whereas osc 2,3 as you’d expect 50%. So, for me all that seems weird at bare minimum. Any information?


EDIT: Restored INIT preset from 2.0.994 distr and values are messed up in here, so question is open, and preset date is 2019, so that is more than 3 years old. Also the same I found for other templates, like mini template etc

Hi there @skuznetsov

What might have happen here is that you maybe modified the Init Preset and use “Save” instead of “Save As” therefore overwriting the default Init preset file.

If you run the ANA 2 installer again, it will restore your Factory Library and all presets that may have been overwritten.

It won’t delete already installed User Presets or DLC expansion presets :wink:

Please take note that if you reopen your previous project ( the one in which the Init Preset was modified ), ANA 2 will recall it’s settings automatically. So after running ANA 2 installer again, make sure to test in a new project.

Let us know if you’re having any issues :sunglasses:

Hey, thanks for the reply but the problem is not only in preset values when you load them but in DEFAULT values, which is set when you double click control. That can’t be overwritten by saving the preset itself and as I wrote I did restore INIT from distribution of 2.0.994.
Panning is -0.5 in factory INIT for example and several other parameters are messed up.

Thanks for your update and clarifying this, got your point now and will check on my end and with S.A team.

  • Is this happening with V2.0.994 from Sonic Academy ( perpetual License ) or V2.0.994s from Slate Digital ( “All Access Pass” ) on your end ? Thanks for letting me know :wink:

This happens with V2.0.994 from Sonic Academy ( perpetual License ), thanks.

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Looking further into this, the -0.5 value for the PAN knob is actually “centered” = No Panning.

The Reason why the value is -0.5 and not 0.0 is because the GUI Pan Knob value far Left is 64 and far Right is 63, so setting a 0.00 value here would actually slightly pan toward right. Not sure if this will be changed in the future at the minute, but for now it’s by design and this -0.5 is for all presets that aren’t using panning.

Not sure about the other values and settings you’ve mentioned, appears to be correct here on my end, but maybe I’m not looking into the correct ones.

Try to replace your INIT preset with this one to see if that changes.

Of course, alternatively, reinstalling ANA 2 will overwrite your Factory bank presets as well.

- INIT -.SndPr (22.3 KB)

  • On a MAC the path is :

/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/Presets/Sound Presets/Factory/ANA 2 Factory/Templates

  • On a PC the path is :

C:/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/Presets/Sound Presets/Factory/ANA 2 Factory/Templates

Hey, try to init a preset and then use double click on detune which should set it to default value, and it is not what set by init preset.

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Yes, detune for the Wavetable OSC 1 resets at a 6.42 % when double-clicking instead of 50.00 % for OSC 2/3.

So that might be another one to look at, will report this as well :wink:

Will try to check other parameters as well on my end :

i.e → Also not sure why Filter 1 Env resets at 71.39 when Filter 2 Env resets at 0.00 %.

Let us know if you pick up anything else that seems weird at your end, thx.

That as well seems bit off, I’ll let you know in that thread if found anything else, thanks.

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Think those values were chosen by design, that was already asked in a previous thread.

Cool :sunglasses: Yes, let’s use this thread for this :thumbsup:

I also think it could be useful to set a list and ask S.A team and devs if those default values are set by design or if there might be some bug or incorrect values when resetting to default.

BTW, forgot to mention that your can ALT + Left Click on parameters to EDIT and manually change values, it is sometime more accurate than moving knobs & sliders while pressing the Ctrl key.

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@skuznetsov Just to let you know that this has been addressed in latest ANA 2 MS beta 7.

All parameters values that where not correctly resetting to default values where actually getting there values from the default preset when you launch a new instance, this was only for the VST 3 plugin format BTW.

Next to this, the developers have also address the Pan issue, and set this to 50L/50R instead of the previous 64L/63R UI values, so double clicking on the Pan knobs will now reset the value to 0 as expected.

Those changes will be implemented in future release version as well of course :wink:

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further issue and thanks again for your feedback :thumbsup:

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