ANA 2 Problem - Initialized Preset Loads Instead of Saved Preset Settings

I recently reformatted my computer. While I backed up all my old projects, I forgot to backup all the ANA 2 presets I created.

When I load up my old projects and play the track, at first ANA 2 is able to play the originally saved preset. However, when I try to open ANA 2 to modify the preset I created, it immediately changes from the patch I created back to the initial “A Beautiful Dread Lead” patch.

My guess is that ANA “panics” after it cannot find the original preset in the User folder. In case it helps, I used the same version of ANA 2 before and after the format–version 2.0.94.

Am I the only one with this issue? I know there was a previous post about this earlier as well. (Ana 2 User Presets - System Rebuild).

Thanks in advance, and I hope you all have a lovely day!

Hmm, I’m afraid that if you had saved User Presets but forgot to backup your User Presets folder from your previous installation, then ANA 2 can’t reload those presets any more.

  • Let’s say you load a Factory preset, tweak a few settings and do not save the preset using the “Save As” option within ANA 2 and saved your DAW project → When reopening the Project, ANA 2 should recall it’s settings.

  • But if you’ve used the 'Save as" option, then a new .SndPR Preset file would have been saved into your User Presets folder. If this folder was not backup from your previous installation, then they are now lost and ANA 2 will revert to the default preset since it can’t find those .SndPR files now.

I think what they are describing here is a slightly different issue actually

You are saying that its recalling the presets fine, but when you open the GUI to edit the preset its reverting the preset back to default rather than letting you tweak away (which it should not do)

I’ll see if i can recreate the issue here

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@bryan_spence that might come into play as well no ?

  • What would be the behavior to expect if ANA 2 can’t find User Presets or imported samples ?
  • Should it not revert to default preset then ?


  • Is this the Sonic Academy V2.0.994 or the Slate Digital version BTW ?
  • What’s your Operating System version and if on a Mac is this a M1 Silicon or Intel Model ?

Hi Tekalight, my apologies for replying back a couple weeks later. I just found out that I was hired for a second job, so I’ve been backed up and put everything music related to the side while I adjust.

Just to answer your question, I am currently using Sonic Academy V2.0.994 (not the Slate Digital version). Additionally, I am on Windows 10 Home.

To provide some clarification, what bryan_spence mentioned was actually exactly my issue. When I open my project, ANA 2 is able to recall the last tweaks I did to a preset just fine. I’m able to play my project with the sound I created. However, once I open the GUI to edit, ANA 2 reverts back to default rather than letting me tweak away.

Thanks for your reply.

Could you please try to download and install latest ANA 2 V2.5 on top of your current install and report back if it’s solving this issue or not ?

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Hi Tekalight, sorry again for the extended delay. After updating my version of ANA to the latest version (v2.5) I’m happy to share that the issue has been solved. Thanks again for the help.

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Thanks for your reply and update on this, much appreciated ! :wink:

Happy to read that the issue is now resolved after installing ANA v2.5 :+1: