ANA2 Ableton Macro Controls Mapping

Hi Guys, does anybody know how to map ANA2 Controllers to Ableton Macro or is there already a map for.
Try to use APC40 Device Control to manipulate them in Realtime.
Thanx in Advance

HI there @Andreas1212

You need to enable the ANA 2 parameter in Live’s device first, once done you can then map this to Live’s Macro.

1 - Expand the Device view by clicking on the triangle icon.
2 - Click once on “configure” to enable it ( it will turn green ).
3 - Move the knob/slider/value you’d like to automate and it will appear in the device slot.
4 - Click once more on “configure” to disable it.

After that you can assign those mapped parameters to Live’s Macros.

There’s another way to have automatic mapping and an extensive forums thread here as well :

How can you automate ANA 2 through Live 10?

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

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Ahhhhhh THanx Great Stuff, im so happy, i could cry…
Thanx A lot, Stephane !!!

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Ahaaaaa well if i wouldve known that earlier :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!!!

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