ANA2 Skins

Hi Jorge,

Good to hear from you :slight_smile: and to learn that you’re busy with work & Skins :wink:

For the FB Group just use this link and submit a request to join, don’t forget to answer the questions about your favorite Music & Daw ( it’s just a formal check to avoid unrelated FB account to join the group ). I also moderate there, so me or someone else for S.A will grant your request asap :slight_smile:


Here is the link to the FB Discussion Group : Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

Hahahaha… Why do I always write so much… :smile: :laughing::joy:

Hello, I apologize for the necro, but is there a way to modify the text in Ana 2? The text on my screen is too blurry to read if the GUI is set below 100%, and the plug-in will not fit on my laptop screen (14 inches) at or above 100% GUI size.

Are you testing on ANA2 originals skins or in those that I made?

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Hey there @hive_lord_zatta

Haven’t dig much myself into skin design & components but as far as I know, text in ANA 2 GUI is directly embedded inside the pictures that makes the interface, so I doubt there’s a way to change this unless editing those files and modifying the text directly from the pictures.

A 85% size ratio was introduced in some prior versions of ANA 2 for better fitting 14 inches Laptop screens, make sure you’re up to date & tried that aspect ratio. That’s the first hint I could think about, another thing could be to try different skins : while the text police & size is the same across available skins, the fact to use a different set of color like darker background & white text ( or the opposite ) can really make a difference and make the text really more visible on smaller screens. Also, if you have GUI resizing options available in your DAW settings ( like you can find inside Ableton Live & Bitwig Studio for example ) that might help too. Finally, using different “color profiles” in your GPU or computer parameters might be helpful too if none of the above helps.

I will update & add a Dropbox link to a .zip file containing all free skins that you’ll find in this post & others on the forums, as well as some additional free ones. There’s also a ReadMe txt file to explain where to install & how to set them from ANA 2"s menu. Maybe a different color scheme might suit you better. Just need to wrap it up & upload it first.

EDIT : Here's the link to the free skins archive file.

Hey there Jorge,

Long time… Hope you’re doing well & that you’re safe home in those crazy times :wink:
You might know better than me about this, LOL. Feel free to add/correct my reply, again, haven’t been diving into skin design myself, so that’s my way to picture out things. Thanks.

Thank you for the replies J_Caldeira and Tekalight. Both default skins and your skins J are fuzzy at 85% GUI size on my 14-inch laptop monitor, but a couple of yours are slightly more legible, so I’ll use them. Thanks you two.

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I just found this one today. Comes with some trap presets. Honestly pretty good so far and I really dig the skin. Echo Sound Works Drip ANA2 Skin

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Nice work guys :slight_smile:

I figured out what the issue was. In the plug-in selection window on Ableton, if you right click any plug-in, the first option says “Auto-Scale Plug-In Window”. Uncheck that, and then the Ana2 skin resolutions look crystal clear. It was Ableton Live all along. :sweat_smile:

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Hi there @hive_lord_zatta

Thanks for this update :wink:

What version of Live are you using and are you on Windows ? This option is not available inside Live 10.1.17 under MacOS.

Yeah, I’m using Windows 10 and Live 10.

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Hello @hive_lord_zatta ,
Hi still have Live 9 that doesn’t have auto-scale plugin windows, but on Live 9 under Windows 7, all ANA2 skins I can see clearly, maybe with windows 10 using auto-scale plugin windows option, could be sharper?

I started making this skin about two years ago, after latest feedback about a more darker skin.
Thanks to Tekalight on ANA2 Skins - #28 by KErf for given me the push to a “more darker style” :wink: .
Several time spent in experimenting different layers with different textures/colors, to achieve a nice good looking skin.

In memory of my Mother, with this skin, I pay tribute to her that past away on 27/01/2021.
Not due to Covid, but to the lack of attention on medical exams, lack of time, and lack of places on infirmary’s for those who do not have Covid.

Hope you like it and use it :thumbsup:



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First of all I’d like to express my heartfelt condolences to you and your family for the lost of your mother, I know how hard it can be to get through such a terrible lost since I lost both parents myself. It does take a long time to accept it, it never leaves you in the end of course, but with time, there’s a stage where cherishing her memory and recalling the good moments you had together will be stronger than the pain and sorrow. Take care and be strong.


It’s a very nice skin again, great work on a darker theme & thank you for sharing this with the community.

I’m uploading a new picture ( I think the one you posted is just a part of the skin, for the OSC frames only ) and I will link people to the topic here in the FB Group as well.

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Very cool skin! Nice work.

Thanks Stéphane for your message.
Yes the first weeks were very sad and “complicated”, and yes remember all the good moments we spent.
I made a photo memorial frame with different ages from her live that put during the ceremony.

Last Thursday (11), I was driving a work old pickup truck, when I start to enter a bridge, the pickup truck loses control and turns left, I turn the steering wheel to the right to escape the left lane, I see the protection bars and the road from below and time stopped, in a specie 3d vision tunnel I see myself crossing the bridge and falling down. At that very instant my hands started to turn the wheel quickly, avoiding hitting the front, scraping and hitting the side, now the pickup truck was going left uncontrollably, I turned right and then left, trying to keep it forward, but it was still brutally unstable and then I heard the voice saying, pull the handbrake.
I did and only then did the pickup truck stop. I was in shock but alive.
I got out and only then could see, the front tire on the driver’s side, totally blown out.
I almost certainly had angels and my mother there, because my arms turned the steering wheel almost as if it were another person driving.
Fortunately it was two lanes in the same direction and there was no traffic at this time, but after a short time it started to appear.
On Friday my lower back started hurting and then Yesterday it was my shoulders and back muscles.
My desire is to take Monday off, because the director wanted me to go on Friday, not believing that in reality, the things could very different, I could be in a hospital or worse.


That must have been a shocking & scary moment indeed :confused::fearful: and yes, it could have been worse, especially on a bridge, but you’re safe :wink::innocent:

If still having any physical pain after a few days then think about seeing a doctor, it might just be only a result from the very stressful moment but you could have twisted some muscles as well, and since it happened during work, it’s your right to claim to see a doctor and take a break if you think you need it.

Deep & intimate connections between mother & child never go away, at least for those having the chance to grow up and live with good parents, unfortunately that’s not the case for many children in this world. Therefore it’s something to cherish when you had that chance and it’s a very positive thing to keep & feel that protective connection.

Music has always been important to me, in both happy & sad times, in fact I do think that it’s the most emotional form of art and the easiest one to connect with, it can make you laugh or cry quite easily and some songs have got real healing power. I’m no doctor :slight_smile: but my prescription would be those 2 tracks.

Take care & feel free to carry on the conversation via message or mail ( the forums posts are on public access for reading). At first I thought I’d reply via private message, but well, we’re all human beings after all and it’s sometime important to have real human conversation in this crazy connected world :smile:

Thanks Stéphane really appreciated.
From of the two songs, I really liked the “Little Wing” from The Corrs

I posted a video on Youtube to help spread this skin and ANA2 plugin which is a Great VST plugin.

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That’s great Jorge :wink: Thank you for taking the time to make this video, much appreciated.

I’ll will share it in the Sonic academy Facebook discussion group as well.