Body Shock Full Moon

My updated version of one of my favourite producers lesser famed tracks. Supersaws galore and banging out at 140bpm. Its the 1st version of this ive done and i could sit for another couple of hours tweaking but it was made for fun so up it goes.

Edit: Updated Link : Stream Body Shock Full Moon The 4th Man Remix by mark shevlin | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Hey there @markshevlin

Nice track with lot’s of energy through it. You pushed this one really to the edge in terms of levels, input levels flirting with 0 dBFS all way long but not clipping :smile: So well done for that.

cheers. it was a bit of DIY mastering so glad it stayed in line.

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i finally did the listen to it in the car test. needless to say the kick and bass were too heavy. i have corrected that now. thanks as always for your feedback.

Updated Link : Stream Body Shock Full Moon The 4th Man Remix by mark shevlin | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Hi again @markshevlin,

Did some post cleaning to keep it shorter… :wink:
Listening again to the track, will edit this post for comments.

Edit: Yep, the Kick rumble is gone…and BTW I thought that was done on purpose to get that kind of specific Techno feel when listening to the previous version :smile:

But I believe that’s the issue when pushing the levels very high, you’ll be loosing dynamics against loudness, so making it more loud will do some kind of blending frequencies together but in a wrong way in fact. Now that you’ve reduced your lows, watch out for all higher range frequencies ( I mean the white noise type of sound from the hats, crash cymbals and transitions Fx ), they have quite a lot of high frequency resonance, if you crank up your listening volume and listen several time to the track or loop parts, it could cause ear fatigue/annoyance.

You could filter those with an EQ before your limiter, there’s always unwanted frequencies that we can get rid off before hitting the Master Chain. Among others, a true believer in this method is no one else than M. Robert Babicz you can check an interesting interview here BTW : Robert Babicz - Sonic Interview | Robert Babicz Interview

cheers for the feedback. i had let my subscription slide due to family commitments so apologies for only responding now. :slight_smile:

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No need to apologize, life can’t be all about music and family & the loved ones around you should always be a priority anyway :wink:

Welcome back & catching up later then !

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