Can`t see Node page

Hi there,
I cant see the Node product page on the website (if im logged into my account). Just a black page.

I would like to buy it if you don`t mind … (i tried either Firefox and Chrome).
Thank you.

Nevermind … i bought it. Please delete this thread.

Hey there @Namete80

Yes, I also had a hard time to buy it :smile: As you mentioned, that product page doesn’t stay on display if you’re logged in to your S.A account. Also not working in Safari in addition to Firefox & Chrome.

Can’t tell if it’s on purpose & still need to be finalized ( 'cause that was added on the site very recently and no official sale announcement for v1.0.0 yet ), but I keep the thread for now.

FYI → @bryan_spence

works if you add it to cart and log into your account after that…:slight_smile:

Yes but not the way it’s supposed to be, and subscribers might not see their extra 10% Off corrected price if they add Node to their cart before login to their account. I just think it’s not fully ready yet since no announcement been made too :wink:

maybe they still work on it… are we the first buyers ?:slight_smile: kidding…

By the way, for devs…i dont want to open another topic with this: on windows, the standalone has no icon. I dont give much of a sh… about it, but just so you know.

Anyway it`s a very good application i already made some wavetables with it…and sound very good in ANA.

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  • Maybe we are yes, ahaha :wink:
  • Yep, pointed this Icon issue on Win since the first beta via mail… Still missing… LOL
    Minor issue as you mentioned, but it’s the kind of detail that help apps to look more “polished” IMO.
    FYI → @bryan_spence
  • And yes, it’s definitely a very good tool to have, opening up a lot of possibilities for hardware sampling and sound design :slight_smile:

I wish for the developers to put more work into the Import Wav feature… as it is now it`s time consuming (manually adding anchor points).

I think the thing is very good for making analog style wavetables, but i just didnt figured out the right workflow for fm-ish, growly kind of tables. For those, i thought i could use the wav import, but its not giving me the right outcomes. It`s only the beginning though.

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i definitely checked that and it has an icon here,
Are you guys on Win 10 and ill check

Installed it on Win 10 Pro here this morning and couldn’t see an icon, it has a default application icon but not a custom Node icon, that what I mean by no icon. Will head back to Windows and check back again in properties and display settings and update with a pic.

EDIT : That’s how it’s looking here, that’s on Win 10 Pro 1909 - ( release 02-Oct-19 - 18363.752 )

same here…they will fix this for sure

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Yes, they’ll be checking this.

As for the initial topic & the missing Node sale page, it was officially launched earlier today and email announcement have been sent, so the page is displaying correctly now.

Share with friends, it’s definitely a good tool to add to the arsenal and the price is really fair IMO.

Cheers & thank you for your feedback & contribution on the forums :wink: