Copy Mod / Filter Settings From One Preset to Another

Hi Friends!

In the ANA 2 Factory preset bank, there’s a preset called ‘Spander’. It’s obviously modelled on the epic synth stabs from Sasha’s anthem ‘Xpander’ and so sounds suitably lush. I’m not interested in using the preset out of the box, but I love the swirling band pass filter modulation and would love to be able to just copy the modulation from the Spander preset to another synth or stab sound. Is this at all possible? I really hope so. Any help would be much appreciated :pray:

On a similar note, if I wanted to export the ARP and CMD settings from this preset as midi files with the notes contained within, how would I go about doing this?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi there

For your 2nd question :

You can send MIDI out from ANA 2 ( using the VST2 or VST3 ) :wink:

There’s another post here showing how to do this inside Ableton Live.

Back to your 1st question, best way is to use the “SAVE AS” option to copy this preset and then tweak it and only keep what you like, you can change the main Oscillators waveforms, the Sampler Oscillators samples, disabling effects and adjust settings and then “SAVE” the preset again once done.

Awesome - that did the trick nicely :slight_smile:


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