Dont Google this

Ok - See how long this Thread lasts :smiley:

No Links. No Pics.

Dont be too vulgar in the discussion afterwards & let it get outta hand! :smiley:

Just tell us what we definitely shouldnt Google.

I’ll start.

Whatever you do… DONT GOOGLE IMAGE “HAIRY WOMEN” - Not nice.

bad cosplay


Roben’s mum.

The Pikachus are my favourite.

The rest of them should be sterilised though… then shoot the Pikas.

LOL - Some great stuff there Guys!

Lets ramp this up.

Please DONT google this - harlequin ichthyosis

[quote]bangthedj (05/10/2010)[hr]Goatse[/quote]

errr did we say nothing vulgar - lol :w00t:

Its not vulgar saying it… and we’re definitely not discussing it.

Its ok I’m sure :wink:


I’m shocked after looking at what I’ve just seen in Google Images.

Its so bad I cant tell anyone…

All I’d like to say is that I’ll never look at a Snooker Cue in the same way again.

There are some seriously ****ing dememted people out there.

Blue Waffle

I see it there… Bottom right hand corner. 3 Rows down.

Not too welcoming a sight.

If its possible to have a Favourite “Non-Favourite” - Then this would be it:

DONT GOOGLE IMAGE - tertiary syphilis… Whatever you do. Please dont.

DONT GOOGLE IMAGE _ elephantitis


Tree Man

Woo - Hoo!

Roben’s here! :smiley:

EDIT: Hes gone again.

Faces of Meth :sick:

You know it’s bad when google instant refuses to return anything (re blue waffle).

Do google images Mate - Its definitely there!

Not a lot - But enough! LOL

[quote]Subject 1 (05/10/2010)[hr]Blue Waffle[/quote]

was gonna write this one hahahahaha

You were gonna WRITE it?

I was gonna ORDER one for Breakfast until I saw the Pic on the Menu! :slight_smile:

[quote]Subject 1 (05/10/2010)[hr]Blue Waffle[/quote]

lol i was gonna say blue waffle. theres been a facebook copy n paste thing about this recently