So what’s this with everyone taking to calling House and Commercial Dance ‘EDM’ now? Like even House producers are calling themselves (or to be more correct people are calling them) EDM producers.

Surely any genre of dance music produced by electronic means is EDM? It’s a bit of a broad generalisation really, that could include anyone from underground DnB or dubstep producer to commercial pop with everything else in between, ie: gabber, hardstyle, hard house, trance, electro, etc…

Definately think its silly that it seems to be reserved for the more commercial types of music but that being said it you are right.

It does mean any style of Electronic Dance Music and does include DnB, Dubstep, Breakbeats, etc.

Its kinda like the word Irony, the majority of people (all be it, in the case of Irony it would include me) do not properly understand it.

Dont personally like using the word though for that same reason, its usually reserved for more commercially popular artists like David Guetta, Afrojack and whoever else is up there.

Have actually argued with someone over me using the word to describe artists like Adam Beyer. Obviously didnt lead to a fist fight but I still think the dudes a freaking spastic for not understanding that the friggin words in no way imply a specific set of rules in regards to the way tempo, synths and drums are used or whatever else is used to define a genre.

Its just what they call it in the US… I guess producers want to appeal to that maaaaassssive audience so are jumping on the bandwagon.

Think Phil is spot on.

Really? That’s a good point and idea, think i’m going to update all my info to include ‘EDM’, just to bandwagon it if it helps my cause haha :hehe:

Yeah its just what the US calls it, you would think they wud just call it House and embrace the fact that House music comes from their own country. Have you noticed tho theres not really a lot of big US ‘EDM’ DJ/Producers. I can only think of Skrillex, even Deadmau5 is Canadian…

Many EDM lovers/producers actually love and or produce multiple genre’s/sub genre’s. So it is just plain easier to say EDM.

Yeah tbh i like the term EDM to just cover it all theres too many genres/sub genres/cross over genres etc and too much discussion on what genre x track is instead of embracing the music and just enjoying it.

This way it becomes much easier we now have two genres ‘EDM’ which covers everything electronic and ‘crap’ which covers Techno and minimal. This is the future ladies en gentleman :stuck_out_tongue:

House music is associated with black and gay people and many Americans are too unreconstructed to deal with that.

America = Land of the free… except if you’re gay.

or unless like your women to have the right to chose what they do with their own body.

you can get weed off your doctor tho so I guess it balances out.

for the longest time bands were way more popular in the US than electronic music. I think EDM is just this ‘other’ category for what is not more familiarly created by a band.

Its easier to get weed in America in places like San Fransisco than it is to get weed in Holland.

Just saying…

Also to clear something up so i can do my bit to save the dutch tourist industry. I was recently in the UK and everyone i spoke to seemed to have the idea that you cant get weed in Holland anymore unless your a dutch citizen and have a weed pass. This is definately not the case! There are certain cities that have the weed pass system in place but its all the cities close to bordering countries eg Germany and Belgium, this was to stop those cities like Breda for example being overrun all the time with Belgium drugs tourists, if you go to more tourist friendly cities like Amsterdam you dont need a weed pass…

colorado would have to be easiest place to get herb.

they have growing contest!!!:smiley:


Ha! I like how this started as a genre discussion but ended becoming a green thread.

Regarding the topic, I usually classify my stuff as EDM because I find it a little more broad. There are so many different sub genres and stuff, and half of the time I don’t even know what genre my music falls into. Probably gonna get some dirty looks for this, but as long as it has a four on the floor and some synth sounds, I’ll stick an EDM label to it.

As for the U.S., its cool if you live in the West Coast, plenty of weed to go around there. The nice thing is plenty of it ends up drifting towards the East Coast as well :stuck_out_tongue:

EDM is actually a completely seperate genre of dance music on it’s own - it stands for




here in america ppl used to call all electronic music techno, now they call all of it edm which is really just for marketing to a new generation of kids.

also weed is now completely legal in washington and colorado!

[quote]intendedforzombies (29/11/2012)[hr]also weed is now completely legal in washington and colorado![/quote]

but it’s still a federal violation which means technically it’s still illegal

Wow i didn’t know that!

So what happens if you are caught in possession of weed then in Washington or Colorado these days?

Would the police even do anything?