Fast Track Build - Techno / 266

Join Chris & Phil in the studio as they take a look at the Techno genre - watch the REWIND completely FREE below - then follow on with the full Fast Track Build where they create a full track, start to finish - LIVE.



I got loads of inspiration from this tutorial. It really shows what Techno is all about - experimentation. The track turned out to be very professional. Ableton Live is perfect fot his genre, since it allows us to live-record the arrangement with ease and with that experience happy accidents that is impossible to come across otherwise. Highly recommended tutorial!


Think thats what we loved most about this course, was that live arrangement. Was defo a cool fresh approach. This is where logic (and Im a logic user) sadly lacks

No more Fl studio tutoriales, bye bye subscription!

Really loved this one guys! I took a lot away from just watching your guys workflow in the initial stages of conceptualizing the theme with all the drum rack patterns. Good stuff:)

just one thing worth noting though! I was just going through the downloadable project file and it seems like the 'human-error- vocal sample reference file is missing. I double checked the folders just to make sure it wasn't there.

No more fl studio tutorials, will extend subscription !

We try and spread our courses across all the different DAWs -however its always good to watch them any for production tips and understanding a genre. The only real difference between DAWs is the arranging and sequencing. We use Kick and ANA which will be the same in FL and some fx that can be replicated in FL. We have another FL course production if that helps/

Hi Liam, this is from movie so we are unable to give it away. Will look here and get you a link so you can download yourself.

the ninth one down -

After a few years of not subscribing this course has "hooked a fish" well done guys....!

Plus this is a really good track!

love comments like that. welcome back!

cheers, thanks Chris!

Great work guys. The live arrangement had me fist pumping like a hooligan.

We absolutely encourage that sort of behaviour whence making club bangers.

You can make these tutorials in any DAW. I made the minimal tech house in Reason (when I had it, before Ableton) I have done a logic tutorial using Ableton.

I actually made this in Maschine (and Ableton)

This is an amazing tutorial lads .. the track is immense love that style of techno :) big ups . Is the any chance of doing a progressive psy tutorial the likes of Neelix, Day Din, Fabio & Moon would be great. Thanks again would really appreciate it

Whence? Alas that doesn't work.

On the other hand, I love seeing "Please wait whilst we complete your login" :-D

Did you get this issue sorted as yet?