Fast Track Build - Trance 2.0 / 296

An absolute monster of a course as we take to the studio with Chris & Phil as they deconstruct the ever popular TRANCE 2.0 sound, picking out the unique characteristics of the genre and recreating each element from scratch.


After the initial researching of the idea we then flesh out the concept and create an entire track from start to finish using Ableton Live. 


Included are all project files and samples (including vocals) so you can follow along.


Awarded a 10/10 by MUSIC TECH Magazine in June 2014




Files & Resources to follow folks - check back in the morning :)

Uhuuul!!!! I love it.

Nice work guys! Very well polished and informative session.

I'm so excited with the direction you both have taken with your videos. I'm so grateful the quality is superb. I'm also very happy that Phil and Chris teach together. It's also cool seeing both of them in the flesh for once! Oh yeah, it really is 2.0. Lots of new nuances not just trance but music production in general. I am one happy subrscriber.

Grandiose!!! Amazing how these guys produce a track like that in 4-5 hours. For me still fast track - I would need 20-30 hrs achieving only 10% of this quality. Can we have an uncommented playthrough please? Anyway - Rewind/Fast Track is the most brilliant feature at SA, can't stop watching this!

Thanks guys for the very kind comments - Really glad you are liking the new content.

I've just started watching Tutorial 1 (chords), and I must say that I am a bit disappointed with the discussion of keys and chords. There are no g sharp, d sharp and a sharp chords in the key of c minor!

Prepare to be un disapointed. E flat = D sharp, A flat = G sharp, B Flat = A sharp. Same notes no differnce what so ever in what you are playing.

You do make a point. Conventionally note names are not repeated in a scale, so seeing as there is already a natural D in a C minor scale, the D sharp would be referred to as an E flat. Still, there's really no reason not to use the names interchangeably.

Will the Kickstart plugin be available for download? Looks like a far easier tool to use rather than sidechaining.

Its from a third party called Cable Guys with Nicky - you can get it here

Thanks, will do. :-)

the one thing that I would mention about the chords... typically you wouldn't want to drop the 3rd as that makes the chord ambiguous. the 5th is a very common note to drop.

And lastly, (not because I am pedantic but because I love theory. :) )

F min is in the scale of C min (it's the Iv chord). Bringing the F maj chord in is an example of parallel substitution. The Cmin and Cmaj are considered parallel keys, as opposed to relative major of Cmin which is Eb major.

Can you provide the source where you got the vocals? Thanks

We wrote them ourselves and had them re-recorded with session singer... It's all in the course. They are included in the project files.

Yes but you mentioned some "service" in the video I didnt understand...

where is the super saw part guys ?